A Beginning


I’d be lying to you right now if I said I wasn’t a little nervous writing this. Or a lot nervous. To put yourself out there and begin a blog is no easy feat, but I figure I’ll give mine a shot. Can’t be too painful, right?

Since I was really young, probably 11 or 12, I loved the idea of designing, writing, and connecting with others. I used to find hundreds of free websites that would allow me to create my own blog, my own little space filled with pointless widgets and games that I hoped other kids my age would stumble across and play. Even though I knew I had a supportive family, and great friends, I wanted to expand my connections. Truthfully, when I hit high school, this faded slightly. I still had hopes of reaching greater audiences, but I put that dream on the backburner. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I was reintroduced to my love of writing and sharing with others.

I began writing for The Odyssey Online at my college, the State University of New York at Geneseo. From the start, I was so invested in my weekly articles, constantly striving to create content that I hoped college students my age would want to read. However, the chaos of college caused me to once again leave this passion in the dust, but this time, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever write for an audience again. I simply couldn’t find the time, nor was I able to produce the kind of material that I wanted.

And yet, here I am. Two years later, typing on my computer and praying that someone has clicked in to listen. What can you expect from this blog, one may ask? Anything and everything. From documentations of my fitness journey, to healthy lifestyle tips, to how to do a quick ‘n easy 15-minute makeup routine, or what college is really like, my goal for this blog is to offer relatable topics that entertain, educate, and engage. Whether or not I’m actually able to achieve this goal? We’ll see.

But I certainly hope you’ll stay to find out.

Yours truly,


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