What I Eat in a Day

When I first started my weight loss journey, I totally underestimated the impact of the food you put into your body. The amount of exercise I was doing significantly increased, but the quality of food I was eating remained the same. Granted, on a college campus it is extremely difficult to find foods that are filling yet not so high in calories or full of other negative ingredients that will harm my health.

One goal I set for myself was to eat one salad per day. Not only did this keep me extremely hydrated (yay leafy greens!) but it also allowed me to play around with the options at my school’s salad bar, meaning I was never bored with what I was eating.

However, now that summer has begun and I am living back at home, my options for healthy eating are actually much more diverse! For some meal inspiration (or if you’re just curious) here’s a quick sample of the kinds of foods I eat in a day!


This day for breakfast I decided to have one of my go-to meals. In a bowl, I add about one cup of fat free vanilla yogurt (mine is the Fit & Active Brand from Aldi!), some form of granola (mine was the oat, honey, and almond granola also from Aldi), and 1 banana. Not only is this breakfast super light for a morning meal that won’t make you feel like you weigh 10 pounds heavier, it is also super quick and easy to prepare! This meal totaled to around 350 calories.

No. (1)

For lunch, I had a little more time and decided to incorporate some meal prep. I made two servings of chicken and vegetable stir fry (one for lunch today, and one for lunch the next day!). In a frying pan, I cooked one chicken breast as well as a cup of carrots and a small bowl of sugar snap peas. In a separate saucepan, I cooked one cup of brown rice. When everything was done, I put it all into the frying pan and added soy sauce, salt, and pepper for that extra little bit of flavor! I split the food into two serving sizes and stored one away in the fridge for the next day. Altogether, this meal was around 650 calories.

This meal was also my biggest meal of the day because I’ve begun incorporating a new dieting technique in which your meal with the most amount of nutrients and calories is lunch. This provides you with the energy you need to carry on with the most demanding part of your day (which for me is the afternoon) instead of having your biggest meal at night, when most people will go to sleep just a few hours afterwards. Put those calories to good use!!

No. (2)

My options for a small dinner were a little limited on this day, so I decided to go for some wheat crackers topped with two different kinds of cheeses and some turkey pepperoni. Together, I had eight wheat crackers, four topped with mozzarella slices, and four topped with colby jack slices. Then I randomly added four slices of the turkey pepperoni to four of the crackers. Overall, this meal came to 350 calories.

All of my meals for this day left me with a caloric intake of: 1,350

This is very average for my caloric intake because I like to maintain a 1000-calorie deficit diet. This essentially means that I am always burning 1000 more calories than I am eating. On average, this should lead to about a 1- to 2-pound weight loss each week. I find this to be the easiest way to diet because you’re still making your own decisions for your meals, but within a calorie budget that allows you to lose weight in healthy increments.

I hope you found this blog post helpful, and if you choose to implement any of my techniques or if you make any of these meals yourself, be sure to comment below with a picture so I can see as well! Until next Monday…

Yours Truly,


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